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anti-theft lock suppliers

With a vertically integrated anti-theft lock suppliers process together with discipline and stringent QC processes, we are able to control every stage of production and ensure consistently high quality. 

  • Z1051

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    NI-600T Fail Secure Sturdiness Electric Bolt with Cylinder for Narrow Door , coming with Mechanical lock cylinder. High security locks suit for narrow-framed wooden doors, metal doors, fire doors,glass doors. Lock body are made of 304ss high hardness, corrosion resistant stainless steel, all solid lock withstand 3000 pounds linear positive impact. Owning unique Emergency mechanical locks, used in emergency situation. Special photoelectric control ultra-low temperature, low efficacy,Safe and reliable energy saving. 

  • G8802C

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    1. Narrow panel designed for narrow door;Full solid stainless steel lock and lock body, durable
    2. Equipped with an emergency mechanical lock, emergency key to open the door by hand or twist
    3. Ultra-low temperature design, less heatis safe and reliable
    A.Momentary current conversion
    B. electric bolt will starts couting low power consumption and low temperature conversion while Door position is not correct or withstands bolt
    C. Photoelectric technology, reduce mechanical failure

  • K3402

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    1. Optical control techniques to prevent mechanical failure
    2. Ultra-low-power design, energy saving
    3. 500,000 times successful test
    4. Built-in reverse current preventing equipment.
    5. Intelligent single-chip configuration,level three current applications
    6. Product specification is complete forall types of door installation
    7. time delay setting: 0/3/6/9 sec.

How is Archie different from other Chinese suppliers?
Archie has a group of international professionals with in-depth experiences in product design, product management.
How can we collaborate?
Archie has many years of experience working with importers, real estate developers.
What happen when I receive defected products?
As a fair and honest supplier, Archie guarantees replacements for all defected products as long as the product defect claim has been deemed valid.
What is the average lead time?
The average lead time for production ranges from 30 days to 45 days.
What kind of support policies does Archie offer to its agents & distributors?
Please see below a list of support policies we have:
1. Annual/Special Order Rebate.
2. Logistic Expense Sharing.