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Important features for door locks

The main function of any door lock is to keep intruders locked out of a particular place. While in some places like prisons, hospitals, lock in sleepover events, they are designed by Anti theft lock suppliers to keep people in. Door locks with specific purposes should be treated differently like interior and exterior door locks. This is so because there are often accidental occurrences majority of the time. So if you accidentally lock yourself in or out of your room, it shouldn't be so hard for you to get out or get in. With this purposes in mind, there are certain features which are necessary to have in any basic door lock to keep them secure. 
If your intention is to increase the security around your home by replacing your door locks, then there are some things that you need to look out for in the replacement that you will be getting from Anti theft door handle factory
Materials and Reinforcement 
There are large numbers of different types of door locks but the most commonly used are the spring bolt locks and deadbolts. A spring bolt door lock basically holds a pin in position with the use of a compressed coil. The door is unlocked when the pressure on the coil is released. Any good quality spring bolt lock is supposed to come with a metal reinforcement plate. This is to ensure that the knob of the door lock is strong enough to withstand knocking off with a hammer or any other blunt object since the pressure on the pin will be released once the knob is open leading to easy opening of the door.
A deadbolt lock is however more secure as it locks directly into the door frame. It is still a little vulnerable to prying but the chances can still be reduced by the use of vertical bolt rather than the common horizontal bolt. 
Method Of Entry
The method of unlocking your key lock should be based on what you are trying to secure and most locks are designed by anti-theft lock manufacturers on this basis. A regular key system may work for a lot of situations but definitely not all. Remote entry mode or timed unlocking systems works excellently for most doors. 
For garage doors, manual unlocking do work but most often than not, it is better and easier to make use of remote controlled system of unlocking. For shared spaces whereby you and a neighbor need access to a particular space, a combination of different unlock methods can be used instead of going through the stress of copying or cloning keys. 
You can either have your key locks installed by professionals or if you are a do it yourself type of person, you can always seek expert advice from professionalism security lock suppliers on how to go about the installation of your door locks. However, it is important that you leave the installation of door locks to professionals with enough expertise in that field. The risk involved when things go wrong can be too much but if you are very good at it, the better but remember that you can always seek for professional advice from us at Guangdong Archie Hardware Co., Ltd. We offer professional services related to door locks and hardware and you are always welcome to order for our services at anytime. 
Whatever task that is related to door locks security and door hardware, we offer such service to perfection and customer satisfaction.
How is Archie different from other Chinese suppliers?
Archie has a group of international professionals with in-depth experiences in product design, product management.
How can we collaborate?
Archie has many years of experience working with importers, real estate developers.
What happen when I receive defected products?
As a fair and honest supplier, Archie guarantees replacements for all defected products as long as the product defect claim has been deemed valid.
What is the average lead time?
The average lead time for production ranges from 30 days to 45 days.
What kind of support policies does Archie offer to its agents & distributors?
Please see below a list of support policies we have:
1. Annual/Special Order Rebate.
2. Logistic Expense Sharing.