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Archie specializes in connecting people with spaces –creating a broad range of high quality hardware accessories for developers, hotels, designers and homeowners around the world.


Digital Lock

Adding an electronic door lock to your home security is a great additional step to take to keep your home secure, all while making your life a bit easier. The days of locking your keys in the house or forgetting to lock the door can be a thing of the past, Archie digital locks come with two or more means of entry, which include RFID, pass code, biometric (fingerprint), or WiFi.

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Mechanical Lock

Archie mechanical locks offer a range of features, functions, and styles no matter how demanding the application. Additionally, Archie is committed to delivering durability, convenience, and unmatched value for a wide range of projects and applications.

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AU Security Door Lock

We provide a full security screen door solution, we care for your safety.
Archie AU security door lock offer an additional layer of security to your home.

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Furniture hardware & accessory

Archie offer a wide range design and function of furniture hardware to enhance the interior of your sweet home.

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More Product Range

Archie offers a true one-stop shop of high-quality hardware –from smart locks and brass door handles to door hinges, furniture fittings and bathroom accessories.

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Guangdong Archie Hardware Co Ltd. was founded in 1990. With a vertically integrated manufacturing process together with discipline and stringent QC processes, we are able to control every stage of production and ensure consistently high quality. The company has the capability and knowledge to offer hardware solutions that conforms to the strictest international quality shop of high-quality hardware solutions –from smart locks and brass door handles to door hinges, furniture fittings and bathroom accessories. Archie prides itself on providing world-class consultation and installation services, and comprehensive after-sales support.

With our consistent effort to expand in the last 20 years, Archie has successfully become a global hardware business serving customers all around the globe.

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About us

About us







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Archie offers more than just a broad range of high quality products that comply with international standards.
Archie also offers many complimentary services & friendly policies to ensure success of all customers.


END- TO- END MANUFACTURING Archie’s unique, vertically integrated, end-to-end manufacturing process covers die-casting, machining, polishing, finishing and assembly.


INTERNATIONAL QUALITY Archie’s QC technicians select components from the production line for assessment by an in-house testing lab. Finished products are randomly inspected to ensure consistently high quality.


ONE STOP SHOP With over 1,000 franchised stores in China and distributors in 59 countries around the globe, Archie is committed to meeting customers’ needs throughout China and around the world.

Building on more than 20 years of experience, Archie’s professional consultants guide clients through every step of the purchasing process - making sure all requirements are covered.

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How is Archie different from other Chinese suppliers?
Archie has a group of international professionals with in-depth experiences in product design, product management.
How can we collaborate?
Archie has many years of experience working with importers, real estate developers.
What happen when I receive defected products?
As a fair and honest supplier, Archie guarantees replacements for all defected products as long as the product defect claim has been deemed valid.
What is the average lead time?
The average lead time for production ranges from 30 days to 45 days.
What kind of support policies does Archie offer to its agents & distributors?
Please see below a list of support policies we have:
1. Annual/Special Order Rebate.
2. Logistic Expense Sharing.