5 Signs That You Should Change Your Door Lock

5 Signs That You Should Change Your Door Lock

Whether it's a residential or commercial door lock, a secure door lock is the first line of defense against burglars and intruders.

Security is not something to be ignored and you should consider enhancing your security system, the best place to start is your front door.

So if you feel that your home security may be at risk or in need of an upgrade, it's time for you to replace your door locks.

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If you have encountered one of the following five situations, please consider replacing the door lock.


1. Someone has moved out

Have you ever rented out your house to a tenant? If you were sharing a room with a partner before, it just so happens that your partner has moved out. For either reason, it is recommended that you change the locks on your doors once the person you previously shared or rented your property with moves out.

Why? Although they return the spare key to you, you have no guarantee that this will not increase the risk of a break-in.



2. Moving into a new house

Before you celebrate moving into your new, welcoming home, we recommend that you change the entry door locks.
You cannot confirm that the previous tenant has a copy of the key. Even if your house is new, replacing the door lock set with new ones will ensure your peace of mind, or you may consider installing a customize lock or smart lock (such as a smart fingerprint lock, smart card lock) as an additional line of defense.

Smart Fingerprint Residential Door Locks


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3. After a break-in event

After the break-in incident, none of us can be sure if the keys have fallen into the wrong hands. We should not be lucky, it is vital to replace all locks as soon as possible. Otherwise, it leaves your home vulnerable to another burglary.


4. Stolen or missing keys

In the case of stolen or lost keys, someone may have picked up your lost keys, and to better protect your property, you must ensure that the locks are replaced.

Losing your keys means you need to consider replacing your locks, so why not upgrade your current locks to smart locks? These don't require keys, you use to worry about forgetting them when you go out or fear that you will lose them at some point, smart door locks may be an ideal option for you.


Commercial Door Hardware Fingerprint Smart Lock

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5. Wear and tear

Things break someday, and so do your door locks, which can show signs of wear from frequent use. Wear and tear on door locks can make it easier for burglars to steal and damage them.
Take a look at your door locks. Do they show any visible signs of damage, rust, or wear? If so, then we recommend replacing the door lock sets. Of course, you can upgrade your door locks, and smart lock front doors are worth trying.



Don't overlook the role of door locks, changing them will keep your home safe. When these situations arise, don't choose to delay replacing your door locks to save money.

With the advent of new technology, homeowners have many options when it comes to installing a new door lock (e.g. fingerprint door lock, smart card lock, WiFi smart lock, and so on).

Fortunately, we have a wide variety of smart door locks for you to choose from, and at ARCHIE, as a professional door lock supplier, we believe our locks can upgrade your home's security.


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