A high-quality fingerprint lock depends on these aspects.

A high-quality fingerprint lock depends on these aspects.

Judging from the current market, smart locks have been widely used in hotels, apartments and some civilian markets.

A high-quality fingerprint lock depends on these aspects:

1. The appearance panel material of the fingerprint lock.

As a home security door lock, it not only protects family property, but also allows family members to use it at ease. The role of material in it is very important. The fingerprint lock with excellent performance combines modern mechanical technology and leading biometric fingerprint recognition technology. It has a multi-anti-theft, anti-riot, waterproof, and anti-corrosion design. The structure is made of pure stainless steel to achieve high security.

2. Brand of fingerprint lock.

Well-known and professional lock manufacturers, their product quality is guaranteed, the safety level of the lock cylinder has reached or exceeded the prescribed B level standard, and most of them can reach the super B level. Quality determines its safety.

3. Take care of family members.

As an intelligent lock, in daily life, it can take care of the feelings of family members, especially vulnerable groups (such as the elderly or children). There should be many ways to open the door in actual use, such as the memory of the elderly or the fingerprints of the elderly. When you can use a card to open.

4. Is the lock cylinder safe and reliable?

Nowadays, the social issues are complicated, and the security performance of door locks is paid more attention. Fingerprint locks generally use stainless steel lock cylinders, but some use single bolts, especially low-cost locks, which are not suitable for household use.

5. Whether the operation is flexible.

There should be no serious "chak" mechanical friction sound in the lock body. You can press down the handle with light force, and the handle returns to the normal position. The transmission connection part should not be lubricated with too much grease, and it is better to rely on the compact connection of the mechanical parts.

6. Fingerprint identification system method.

It should be understood whether the fingerprint collection system uses an optical or a biological fingerprint collection and identification system. Compared with other collection systems, biological fingerprints have strong antistatic ability, better system stability, and long service life. They can provide high-resolution images and realize fingerprint image collection in a larger area.

7. Battery life.

Generally, dry batteries are used as the power supply. It is important to understand the static power consumption of the induction door lock. The normal four batteries can be used continuously for about one year. Some brands change the battery in less than a month. Frequent battery replacement will seriously affect the use.

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