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Archie hardware is providing quality products for glass and wooden doors, windows, furniture and bathroom hardware products and accessories. Door locks, handles and other accessories are manufactured with best quality, finest materials, latest and appealing design and international standards.

Australia Type Security Door Lock

Door Lock Types


There are a number of door locks available out of which few are discussed as under :

--Key-in-knob and key-in-lever locks
This lock type uses a key lock with in a door knob and uses a key for unlocking. The lock and barrel system is enclosed in the door knob and the other side may contain a rotary knob, dial or key hole depending upon the user preference. If the key locks the handle can’t be opened or turned.
These types of locks are usually used with exterior doors or offices.

--Deadbolts, deadlocks or dead latches
A deadbolt lock cannot be rotated without a key. A deadbolt lock offers a great level of security as it is very difficult for burglars to break-in such a door lock.  These locks offer enhanced security and are often used in conjunction with other locks which tend to have lower security profile. They are found on external doorways, gates, garages, sheds and highly secured areas or sections.
They have single and double cylinder variants which typically use one sided or both sided keyed operation respectively.

--Keyless entry locks
A keyless entry lock typically uses some alternative mode of security sensing/authentication feature other than keys and hence the term keyless is used. It may use magnetic, RFID, radio remote, key pads, biometric thumb, voice or retinal scan, or camera imaging. Most of these keyless entry locks are electronic in nature but some purely mechanical models also exist which provide same keyless features. The internal security mechanism may be the same for keyless entry locks and only mode of authentication is the way to activate or deactivate the locking mechanism.
These locks normally use batteries as power source which may also seem a limit to their operation. They are typically used in high security commercial areas, offices, hotel, hostel and hospital rooms and residences.

--Special key locks
These locks typically use non conventional keys as their unlocking medium and that is the reason of their different unlocking mechanism. These special keys may include round, cylindrical, tubular, double sided, electronic, magnetic, four sided, dimple, skeleton or fork type keys. Unusual shape of these keys allows them to be unique and difficult o be copied or lock-picking thus providing additional security. 

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