How to choose a high-quality smart lock?

How to choose a high-quality smart lock?

With the continuous development of technology, smart door locks have become a must-have product for many families. Many families have adopted smart fingerprint locks, password locks, as well as opening methods such as iris recognition, magnetic cards, and radio frequency cards. Life can be said to be more and more intelligent. So, how to choose a high-quality smart lock?

1. Is there an immediate lock function when the door is closed?

In daily life, many people often forget to lock the door after closing, which will leave a hidden danger of theft. Therefore, when choosing a smart lock, it is necessary to know whether the fingerprint lock has the function of closing the door and locking it, so as to prevent safety hazards and customers can use it with more peace of mind.

2. Is there an intelligent alarm system?

When the password or fingerprint is tried incorrectly, it will be automatically locked. When the lock is unlocked by force, the alarm will be automatically sounded; when the battery voltage is too low, the automatic alarm will remind you to replace the battery; when the hidden key is opened, an alarm will be issued Sound, turn off and stop.

3. Is there a perfect after-sales service?

When purchasing a smart door lock, you must know whether the smart lock has a national after-sales service point, whether it is convenient for users to open a national unified free after-sales service hotline, and promise to provide a solution to questions throughout the day.

With the advent of the smart era, people's demand for smart door locks is increasing. The above are the matters needing attention when choosing a smart lock.

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