Hinges matter a lot. But door hinge suppliers nor door hinge manufacturers will tell you what are the right hinges for the job. They don’t know your house like you do nor what type of furniture orstyle your house is.

This is why we put together this article as we’ll go through step by how to pick the right hinges for you.

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Step 1: What’s Your Cabinet Type?

When it comes to cabinets there are two basic types. Each one asks for different positions of the hinges. Door hinge suppliers and door hinge manufacturers make hinges all the same, but depending on the style, you’ll place them differently.

Face-framecabinets incorporate a frame that’s attached to the face of the case. It’s on this face where hinges are attached. You’ll find this is common style for American cabinets.

Frame-less cabinets are basically the same as face-frame cabinets without the face. It’s a four-sided box. The hinges of these cabinets are mounted on the interior of the cabinets. They’re also referred to as Euro-style cabinets.

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Step 2: Determine The Door Overlay
In other words, what’s the position of the door in relation to opening the cabinet? Both types are different in how they answer this. Furthermore they have some different hinges that can perform various things too.

For face-frame cabinets you’ve got overlay doors, inset doors, and partial-inset. Overlay covers the opening completely, inset fits entirely within the cabinet, and partial-inset overlap slightly on all sides.

For frameless cabinets you’ve got full overlay, half overlay, and inset. These cover the front edge of the cabinet based on it’s name. Full covers all or nearly all the front edge, half is in the middle of the cabinet, and inset fit inside of the cabinet and sit flush.

Depending on the hinges you get, there should be instructions from door hinge suppliers or door hinge manufacturers inside to help with that. The other alternative is finding a how-to video or a professional to install these hinges for you.

Step 3: Other Things To Consider

The last step is honestly checking to see about other things. Even though this is a purely optional step, it’s still worth putting these into consideration. This can determine what sort of hinges you’ll be getting from door hinge suppliers, or door hinge manufacturers.

Some things to consider are…

Do you want to see the hinge at all? You can invest in concealed, semi-concealed or exposed hinges.

Do you want a traditional or European hinge? Regardless of the type of cabinet you pick up you can get any style of hinge.

How far do you want the door to open? Some hinges will let the door open 90 degrees, however some can open wider.

Do you want the hinge to mount to both cabinet and door? There are various types of mountable hinges like surface-mount hinges and mortised hinges.

Do you want other special features? Some hinges provide self-closing hinges, self opening systems, and soft close hinges.

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