How to use the fingerprint lock? How to maintain the fingerprint lock?

How to use the fingerprint lock? How to maintain the fingerprint lock?

How to use fingerprint lock correctly? Nowadays, more and more people choose fingerprint locks when installing new doors or changing door locks. With the advancement of science and technology, fingerprint locks have gradually been widely used.

Fingerprint locks are different from traditional mechanical locks. It is a high-tech product and a model of biometric technology application. But the fingerprint lock is a kind of electronic consumer product, so it also has the usage specification, otherwise, various problems will easily occur. Therefore, you must pay attention to the precautions when using the fingerprint lock. The following is a brief introduction and analysis.

1. Avoid unprofessional disassembly.

Since the fingerprint lock is a high-tech electronic product, the structure inside is more complicated. Therefore, if you are not sure about the structure inside, it is best not to disassemble it without authorization. If you really don’t know how to deal with it, you can read the instruction manual first, or you can consult the manufacturer, or find a professional to solve it.

2. Reduce direct contact with water.

Since there are electronic components or circuit boards in electronic products, these originals must be waterproof. For example, if a circuit board comes into contact with water, it will be scrapped. You can only remove it and purchase a circuit board from the manufacturer to install it again.

3. The use of batteries.

Under normal use, the battery can generally be used for one year. After the battery life is exhausted, the battery needs to be replaced again. When replacing the battery, you must pay attention to the uniformity of the battery models and the correct connection and placement of the batteries. When the built-in battery is used up, you can use an external power supply when the lock cannot be opened. Generally, fingerprint locks are equipped with an external power supply interface for emergency needs.

4. Use of instructions.

Before using the fingerprint lock, the user must have a detailed understanding of the fingerprint lock manual, including the installation of the fingerprint lock and some commonly used function settings, etc., so as to have a better understanding of the fingerprint lock.

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