Two cold knowledge of smart locks.

Two cold knowledge of smart locks.

Now more and more families are using smart locks, and "smart" door locks have brought a lot of convenience to our lives. But the safety of locks is the first concern of consumers. Before consumers buy smart locks, there are two "cold knowledge" they need to understand.

First, the real lock cylinder and the fake lock cylinder are not as good as the C-level lock cylinder!

The lock cylinder is made of "real material" alloy materials. The "true" here means that a mechanical lock cylinder is used to penetrate the lock body, and a mechanical key must be used to drive the lock cylinder to unlock. The difference between "true" and "false" is that the lock cylinder does not directly act on the lock body, but is integrated in the panel, and the square steel is driven to rotate and unlock through the rotation of the bolt.

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The integrated panel of the fake lock cylinder is exposed, so long as the panel is violently damaged, the lock can be easily opened. In addition, the real lock cylinder is also easy to be cracked by brute force, because the lock cylinder is directly exposed, as long as the lock cylinder is knocked off, or the lock cylinder is directly drilled with a high-power electric drill, the lock can be unlocked by force.

The C-level lock cylinder is the lock cylinder with the highest security level in the civil field, and its protection ability is the strongest. The C-level lock cylinder is a new type of technology designed and manufactured comprehensively with a variety of shifting bullets and blade structures. The C-level lock cylinder has a device for pressing the side column bayonet inwardly, which not only makes the lock body "password" more complicated, but also To a large extent, the possibility of violent forced unlocking is eliminated.

Second, the smart lock has a "clutch" and it is built-in!

The current smart lock is very convenient. It overturns the single key unlocking method of traditional locks, adding fingerprint unlocking, password unlocking, and swiping card unlocking methods. Therefore, an electronic unlocking module must be added to the smart lock, and the motor drives the clutch to unlock. Therefore, the smart lock not only has a clutch, but also directly affects the safety performance of the smart lock.

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