Understand what is a fingerprint lock?

Understand what is a fingerprint lock?

With the development of science and technology and the increasingly developed economic era, society is constantly progressing. The fingerprint lock uses today's most advanced automatic fingerprint identification system. Through the fingerprint sensor and computer image processing technology, the live fingerprints are collected, analyzed and compared, which can automatically, quickly and accurately identify the individual's identity. The working process of fingerprint lock can generally be divided into two processes of fingerprint collection and fingerprint verification. Fingerprint collection includes the main steps of using a fingerprint device to collect fingerprints, extract minutiae points, and save minutiae points in a database to form a fingerprint template library.

Any electronic part has the possibility of error. Relatively speaking, the mechanical part is much more stable. Keep the mechanical key of the lock as a backup way to open the door at home, which can open the door in time and facilitate maintenance when the electronic part of the door lock fails.

In fact, the most important thing to use a fingerprint lock is not to improve security, but to enjoy the convenience of the fingerprint lock. If you need to strengthen the security of the fingerprint lock, you can connect the fingerprint lock to the smart home system. Some fingerprint lock manufacturers will reserve development ports for fingerprint locks. In intelligent furniture, only a simple development of the fingerprint lock is required to monitor the status of the fingerprint lock in real time, thereby improving the security of the fingerprint lock.

A qualified fingerprint lock requires the use of internationally leading smart chips and high-standard installation materials, which determines its rigid cost of more than 1,000 yuan. At the same time, because of its extremely high technological added value, its price is also universal More expensive.

Although fingerprint locks are expensive, it is very cost-effective to own a high-tech fingerprint lock. Not only can it be used safely, but it can also prevent thieves. Therefore, after everyone has a certain understanding of fingerprint locks, when the economy permits, You can choose to install one.

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