What is the difference between fingerprint lock and electronic lock?

What is the difference between fingerprint lock and electronic lock?

With the development of science and technology, there are many types of locks on the market, with different functional characteristics. Therefore, the ordinary locks have also begun to be intelligent. Nowadays, many families have started to change their locks in order to improve the quality of their homes.

There are two mainstream locks, one is fingerprint lock and the other is electronic lock. For these two types of locks, Xiaobai expressed confusion. Fingerprint lock VS electronic lock, electronic lock is also called electronic code lock. As the name suggests, its unlocking method is password unlocking. The opening and closing of the lock is realized by a single chip microcomputer (an integrated circuit chip).

Electronic locks can also use electronic keys such as cards as their own unlock code. Electronic keys such as cards are composed of components or unit circuits composed of components. When unlocking, the internal circuit of the electronic key will communicate with the receiver of the lock, the chip will analyze the received signal, and the output number will be compared with the password on the memory chip.

Different from electronic locks, fingerprint locks realize unlocking by capturing the fingerprint line information of the opponent, using biometric technology. There are generally two ways for fingerprint locks to capture fingerprint information: optical identification and semiconductor identification. The fingerprint lock equipped with optical fingerprint recognition function will use the built-in light source to project the fingerprint line of the hand, and save the projected picture for future comparison.

Relatively speaking, the electronic key belongs to the real thing, and the shape is small, there is a certain risk of loss. In addition, because of the small number of digits (usually 6 digits), the electronic password is highly likely to be deciphered or stolen. Therefore, the "key" of the electronic lock has greater reproducibility, which will reduce the safety factor of the portal.

The fingerprint lock can be connected to the built-in chip of the fingerprint lock through the mobile phone, and the user can realize remote control on the palm. The built-in chip organizes the collected door opening and closing records, door lock status and other information into data codes, which are transmitted to the mobile phone through the circuit. Similarly, mobile phones can also send electrical signals. After the chip collects the signals, it decodes them into instructions to achieve remote control.

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