What should I pay attention to when selecting materials for smart lock?

What should I pay attention to when selecting materials for smart lock?

In terms of materials for smart door locks, you need to choose durable ones. What are the common materials for smart locks? The following is a brief introduction.

1. Stainless steel material

This material is very good, high hardness and oxidation resistance, not easy to be corroded. However, it is more difficult to form stainless steel, so don't hold out too much hope for the face value party. After all, door locks with this material are less attractive.

2. Aluminum alloy material

Smart door locks made of aluminum alloy are the most common. It has a variety of styles, beautiful appearance, and more glossy color, which makes it very exciting for home decoration.

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3. Pure copper material

The pure copper door lock is thicker, has a delicate hand feel, and has an excellent texture. Relatively speaking, the price is relatively high, but the effect is very high, and it is more suitable for villas, high-end office buildings, high-end clubs and other places. If you have enough funds, pure copper is the best choice.

4. Plastic material

Users should avoid using plastic products. Not only will the paint fall off after a long time, but also black or white plastic will appear. Moreover, after a long time, it will be prone to cracks and the like, which is not safe. Therefore, the use of all metal materials can ensure the durability and safety of the product.

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