What technical capabilities are needed to make smart locks?

What technical capabilities are needed to make smart locks?

With the development of science and technology, smart door locks have been popularized in every family in the city. It can be said that smart locks not only bring great convenience to our lives, but also bring us more security. Smart locks pay great attention to the research and development of technology. To make a smart door lock technology that meets the needs of each family, it is necessary to upgrade the smart door lock technology, such as the research and development of fingerprint recognition technology and face recognition technology, which require a lot of investment. manpower, materials, money. The following briefly analyzes what technical capabilities the smart lock requires.

1. Application of fingerprint film:

At present, the functions of the fingerprint module of the smart lock are almost the same, mainly depending on the chip used and the algorithm used.

smart lock

2. The design of the lock body:

The design of the lock body is a direct decisive battle for the life of the product, and it is also the core technology of mechanical technology.

3. Motor:

The motor is the driver, just like the driving software of the computer, it is a connecting device between electronics and machinery, and the power conversion center plays a major role in connecting the previous and the next. If the motor stops working or an obstacle occurs, the lock will automatically open and cannot be locked.

4. Lock body:

The parent body of the bolt that can be connected to the door and the quality of the lock body directly determine the life of the product. This is the core technology in mechanical technology, the most important part of smart locks, and the most difficult problem in the industry.

all in all. The competition of smart locks in the market is very fierce. If there is no technical upgrade or optimization, it is likely to be eliminated.

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