Top 3 Security Door Locks For Home Safety

Top 3 Security Door Locks For Home Safety

What are security door locks? High-security door locks typically have hardened steel bolts to prevent doors from being breached, rammed, and lockpicked. It is very effective to prevent crimes such as burglary and home invasion. And for ordinary door locks, including kicks, hammers, shoulder strikes, and more impact attacks are enough to severely bend or break the bolt, thus resulting in a failure to protect your property.

Security Door Handles And Locks

Mortise door locks combine a latch and deadbolt into one strong lock. A rectangular hole called a mortise is cut into the side of the door. The entire lock assembly is installed in the mortise. With the antique design, these security door handles and locks are often found in commercial use to provide high security and retro touch. Still, they can, of course, be used in residential applications as well.
  • * High-security lock body
  • * Anti-bacteria finishing (option)
  • * Slide cover for better protection
  • * Emergency power by power bank
  • * ARCHIE special design high-security cylinder
  • * European antique design, suitable for luxury villas
  • * Smart password (hide password by entering a random number before & after it)

Residential Door Locks

Single or multi-point hinged security or screen door lock, with safe select snibbed/deadlock options for additional safety. And these residential door locks come with two modern designs to add a contemporary style to your home.
  • * Suit standard 20 mm door thickness. Mortice lock with inside snib lever, large ergonomically designed inside snib lever.
  • * Automatic latching, stainless steel strikes, zinc die-cast furniture, key overrides snib application, fits industry standard cutouts.
  • * Residential door locks are non-handed - suits left-hand and right-hand doors, operation with ARCHIE euro profile floating cam cylinders.
  • * A dual stainless steel hook bolt provides extra grip against forced entry. The pressed steel lock body and stainless steel face plate & provide additional strength.
  • * Easy installation - stainless steel(hook bolt) and standard (projection bolt) 3-point kits for additional security available –fit above or below door center.
  • * Residential door locks tested and conformed to the relevant requirements of Australian standards AS4145.2 - 2008 to physical security level S7 and durability level D6.
  • * Standard strength lock tested and passed on security screen doors following Australian Standard AS5039 - 2008: security screen doors and security window grills and AS5041 - 2003: test methods.

Front Door Handle With Lock

Traditional door locks provide basic security for small homes and businesses, but as technology evolves, more and more homes and organizations are turning to smart locks.

Smart digital locks are security door locks that do not require a key or card to unlock. Typically, it is operated by entering a numeric code using a keypad. Some secure digital locks also have biometric options, such as fingerprint unlocking, an advanced technology suitable for combinate with the front door handle with lock.
Here are some tips to improve the security of your front door:
  • * Switch to a solid-core door
  • * Add a horizontal security bar
  • * Install an outdoor motion sensor light
  • * Install a video doorbell or security camera
  • * Use a strike plate lock, or upgrade your deadbolt strike plate
  • * Install a door bar / a keyless door latch / a heavy-duty, high-quality latch
  • * Reinforce your door frame and hinges, or protect windows and doors with security film or fencing


For better home security, it is vital to find high-performance security door locks as well as reliable door security hardware manufacturers and suppliers. Here, ARCHIE is the best option for you to bring the perfect solutions to protect your property safety!

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